Counselling Support for Employees

Employees on the MCIP plan have access to free counselling support through our Employee Assistance Program, offered through HumanaCare.

This innovative well-being resource is available any time, 24/7. Employees can access counselling, practical information, and digital content from HumanaCare to support their mental, physical, social and financial well-being.

PocketPills Online Pharmacy

MCIP members now have access to a “pharmacy at your fingertips” where you can refill, renew, and manage your entire family’s prescriptions through the PocketPills app or website, and have them packaged and delivered directly to your door!

PocketPills will bill your plan directly; you are out of pocket only for the amounts not covered by your plan. It’s easy to transfer refills to PocketPills – they handle all the arrangements.

Save Time and Money on Orthodontics  with  SmileDirectClub 

You can now access personalized orthodontic treatment from a licensed Canadian dentist or orthodontist through regular virtual check-ins – no face-to-face appointments are required. You can also access customer and dental care teams 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via phone, video chat, email, or social media.

As an MCIP plan member, you also receive preferred pricing. The cost is a flat $2,470 – less than half the cost of traditional orthodontia. The cost will be billed directly to your MCIP dental plan; you only pay the amount not covered by the plan.

This service is available for mild to moderate corrections only, and children must be 12 years or older.

To start, visit Click HERE for information on SmileDirectClub and how it works.