Our organization consists of more than 200 Manitoba open shop companies, ranging from very small to very large. MERIT companies and their employees are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety, quality, efficiency and economy.

MERIT Contractors Association of Manitoba was incorporated in 1994 and is the only provincial association whose sole membership are open shop contractors. An “Open Shop” describes a workplace where employment is not dependent on membership or non-membership in a union. Within the realms of construction contracting, open shop specifically refers to a situation in which owners, architects, developers, construction managers, general contractors and others do not consider the union (or lack thereof) of a contractor’s employees when awarding a contract.

In June 2020, MERIT established the Manitoba Construction Industry Plan (MCIP) as a response to our members’ needs and requests. Our benefits plans are comprehensive and are intended to meet the needs of construction contractors. We offer three levels of hour bank coverage, office plan and customized plans. Explore our website, email us or call our office to find out more information about our plans.

Mission Statement

We are stewards of promoting and representing the unique interests of open shop contracting. We offer cost effective, high quality benefits, services, and educational programs to the construction industry.